RT @tkmorin: On August 28, 1833 – Slavery was abolished in British Columbia. #CdnHistory #canada #trivia #OTD

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Make your own luck day!

Happy Make your own luck day!

Alberta Driver Helps Canada Goose!

A wild Canada Goose follows my truck on a gravel road so I lead it to Shining Bank Lake (Alberta). Once there, it seem happy and stays.

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Nasty tornado!

Nasty tornado!On August 6, 1879 – A tornado demolished the village of St. Mary’s, New Brunswick and killed seven people.

Moving to Canada?

Moving to Canada?August 6, 1881 marks the birth of Alexander Fleming, discoverer of penicillin.

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Ronda Rousey and Bethe Correia

The Ronda Rousey/Bethe Correia fight at UFC 190 took FOREVER to start on Saturday night. But in the end, Rousey didnt take very long to defeat Correia. Although she promised to drag the fight out to punish Correia, Rousey beat her in just 34 seconds.

If you can’t see the YouTube video above, click here.

Greek Heritage Month Festival

Moving speech given by GCHPs Co-Director Christopher Grafos at the First Annual TDSB Greek Heritage Month Festival at East York Collegiate Institute. #TDSB #GreekHeritageMonthStay tuned for more photos!

Moving to Canada?

If you can’t see the video, here is the link to watch it on YouTube: http://bit.ly/1IdPDyn

This video will help you get ready for your new life in Canada. It will explain some of the things you should do during your first two weeks in Canada to help make the transition easier. Topics include arriving at the airport, finding support at an immigrant-serving organization, getting government documents, opening a Canadian bank account and much more.

    Facebook Users Come to Help!

    Three cheers for this awesome mailman! What a feel good story!

    Boy Who Couldn’t Afford Books Asks Mailman For Junk Mail To Read; Mailman Responds Spectacularly! Because he couldn’t buy books or a bus pass to the library, he’d been reading ads.

    by Ryan Grenoble, News Editor, The Huffington Post