Do you know George Klein?

Do-you-know-George-Klein.JPGInventor George Klein died on February 4, 1992. He designed the gear on the Canadarm!

We are so sorry!

We-are-so-sorry.JPGBrian Mulroney had made a similar apology to Jananese-Canadians.

Bridge Renamed Pierre-Laporte

Bridge-Renamed-Pierre-Laporte.JPGSt Lawrence River Bridge is renamed the Pont Pierre-Laporte.

Twitter @tkmorin: RT @tkmorin: On Nov. 1, 1915 – The Government launched the first Victory Loan Campaign. #CdnHistory # canada #trivia #OTD

Twitter @tkmorin: RT @tkmorin: On Nov. 1, 1696 – Iberville began a march across the Avalon Peninsula to take St. John’s. #CdnHistory # canada #trivia #OTD

Twitter @tkmorin: @tkmorin I think you will find this article extremely interesting

Twitter @tkmorin: @tkmorin Okay, thank you. But that shows October 30, 1846 as the date of Royal Assent for a railway charter that lapsed with no work done.

Twitter @tkmorin: @tkmorin Hi Teri. What’s your source for this date?

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Twitter @tkmorin: RT @tkmorin: On May 12, 1915, the Roblin government in Manitoba resigned following corruption charges. #CdnHistory #canada #trivia #OTD