New Brunswick

Map of New Brunswick in Canada
Map of New Brunswick in Canada

New Brunswick

Confederation date: July 1, 1867
Population (2001): 729,498
License plate: New/Nouveau Brunswick
Capital: Fredericton

Province’s Motto:
SPEM REDUXIT—Hope restored

Province’s Symbols:
Tree: Balsam fir
Bird: Black-capped chickadee
Fish: Atlantic salmon

Still on the Books:

In Fredericton, it’s against the law to wear a snake, or carry a pet lizard, on your shoulder, unless it is in a container that will completely confine the creature.

Rolling up… em, I mean down the hill:
Thousands visit Moncton every year to witness an optical illusion. Cars drive up Magnetic Hill, change to neutral, then let the momentum take them back up… I mean down. Not completely understood even to this day, is that the naturally occurring phenomenon somehow fools the eyes into believing motorists that they are coasting uphill with no power!


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