Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia

Confederation date: July 1, 1867
Population (2001): 908,007
License plate: Canada’s Ocean Playground
Capital: Halifax

Province’s Motto:
MUNIT HAEC ET ALTERA VINCIT – One defends and the other conquers.

Province’s Symbols:
Tree: Red Spruce
Bird: Osprey
Gemstone: Agate
Berry: Wild blueberry

Still on the Books – Can you believe it?
You can pay up to a $10 fine, or spend 30 days in jail if you display, sell or even give away a chicken that is artificially coloured.

It is illegal to let a chicken cross the road in Dartmouth.

It is really amazing that this one is still in the Nova Scotia books: There’s a 1756 bounty of up to 25 pounds for Mi’kmaq scalp, payable “by Officer commanding at any of His Majesty’s Forts in this Province.”

It is against the law to have a cracked or chipped bathtub in Dartmouth.

In Halifax, it is illegal to prepare a sandwich in a room that contains a urinal, and it is also illegal to store it in such a room.


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