Confederation date: July 1, 1867
Population (2001): 7,237,479
License plate: Je me souviens
Capital: Quebec City

Province’s Motto:

Province’s Symbols:
Tree: Yellow Birch
Bird: Snowy Owl

Still on the Books – can you believe it?
In Montreal, you are breaking the law if you wash your car on the street.

It must be pleasant to take a walk around Chicoutimi. It’s illegal there to expose a wound, an ulcer, or anything else that is considered hideous or monstrous …”But officer, I just fell off my bike and scraped my knee!”

In Montreal, you can be fined for playing street hockey … er, on the streets.

In the News:
Movie house Madness – January 9, 1927 About 800 children were enjoying a Sunday matinée at the Laurier Palace Theater on St Catherine Street in Montreal. Panic struck when at 2 p.m. a man yelled, “FIRE!!”
500 of the movie viewers sitting in the orchestra section were able to make their way out to the street. The hildren in the balcony section however were not so lucky. Of the two stairways leading to the safety of the ground floor, one was locked. In the space of two minutes smoke filled the air so thick that the children started choking and having trouble seeing. By the time firefighters arrived on the scene, they found children’s bodies piled 8 deep in a stairway. The projectionist, Emile Masicotte, grabbed and pulled about 30 children to safety. The firefighters sprayed the pile of bodies with water, quickly extinguishing the fire. They cut the stairs down in order to reach them. Some of the children had been only a few feet away from safety. Seventy-eight children died that Sunday. Some from the smoke, and some crushed to death, but only a few died from the actual fire.

Inventions & Innovations:
Counterfeiters can blame Professor Thomas Sterry Hunt of Montreal’s McGill University for the green ink used in making American bills. This special green ink makes it extremely difficult to reproduce the bills by photography.
The U.S.A. have been printing their money with this ink since 1862.


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