Confederation date: September 1, 1905
Population (2001): 978,933
License plate: Land of the Living Skies
Capital: Regina

Province’s Motto:
MULTIS E GENTIBUS VIRES – From many peoples strength

Provinces Symbols:
Tree: White birch
Bird: Sharp-tailed grouse
Animal: White-tailed deer
Sport: Curling

Still on the Books – Can you believe it?
As of 1910, a bylaw in Saskatoon forbids anyone from spitting on sidewalks, stairways, churches, theatres, and streetcars.

You are breaking the law if you walk down the street with your shoelaces untied in Fort Qu’Appelle.

Be careful not to walk over the lines on the streets in Prince Albert if they’ve just been painted, for this is against the law.

In the News:
The Day of the Dominion of Death. The city of Regina was flourishing rapidly with prosperity, but in 1912 its unity would be challenged. It all began after a long period of heat. The residents were thankful to finally see dark skies and rain clouds setting in on the afternoon of Sunday June 30, 1912. But that gratitude soon turned to fear and uncertainty as a deadly funnel cloud collided with the city. That day the cyclone was so horrendous, that everyday items were transformed into mass weapons of destruction. On his way home from a walk, Judge Hannon noticed his neighbour’s house had disappeared. The Beelby family sought refuge in their attic, which was soon ripped away from the house and tossed into a nearby backyard — the family was dazed, but otherwise safe. At the new Legislative Buildings, all the exam papers of the saskatchewan grade schools were sucked out. Fifty horses allegedly were uprooted and landed on the railroad–the horses were unharmed, but the freight became a mess, and the grain elevator inexplicably disappeared. When it was all over, 30 people had died, 200 were injured, and over 2000 lost their homes. Though the funnel’s path covered only 12 by 3 blocks, the property damage was estimated at $4 million!


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