Confederation date: June 13, 1898
Population (2001): 28,674
License plate: The Klondike
Capital: Whitehorse

Province’s Symbols:
Tree: Subalpine fir
Bird: Raven
Gemstone: Lazulite

Still on the Books:
In this province, you could be fined $100 if you allow an “uncontrolled” pet within 30 meters of a highway.

It is against the law for anyone in the Yukon to leave an animal in distress. The fine could be up to $500.

Driving dogs through streets or towns faster than 6 miles an hour in the Yukon could result in a $50 fine.

In the News:
October 25, 1918: The Princess Sophia Disaster (Vanderbilt Reef). After the Titanic’s tragedy, in 1912, extra measures were taking to ensure the safety of passengers and crew aboard all ships. The Canadian Pacific Sophia was built stronger, and safer including a full supply of life boats and rafts.

The Sophia departed from Skagway at 10:00 pm, 3 hours behind schedule, which is speculated to be the reason why Captain Locke maintained such excessive speeds. Sometime during the night, the ship had sailed about 2 kilometres off course At around 1:00 am the wind pushed The Sophia onto the Venderbilt reef. The optimistic Captain Locke assumed that the heavy winds would die down by nightfall and the high tide would push the Sophia out of the reef. Therefore, he refused several offers of help from many smaller American rescue boats passing by. By night time however, the ship would still not budge and a dangerous storm was setting in. Two ships, the King and Winge, and the Cedar arrived offering help, and dropping their anchors just outside the reef, in order to provide passengers with familiar lights all night long. By the next day, the storm only worsened, and the two aiding vessels, were forced to abandon the Sophia alone in the reef.

The next morning, when the storm had died down, rescue boats returned, only to be horrified by what they saw. The boat had sank, and only the tip was left above the surface. 353 people died, and the only alleged survivor was a small dog who swam to Tee Harbor two days later.


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