Alexander Mackenzie

Alexander Mackenzie

Born: January 28, 1822, near Dunkeld, Scotland and emigrated to Canada in 1842

Died: 17 April 1892 in Toronto, Ontario. His grave site is at Lakeview Cemetery, near Sarnia, Ontario

Time as Canada’s Prime Minister
1873 – 1878

Education: Public schools at Perth, Moulin and Dunkeld, Scotland

Political Party

1873 – 1880 Party Leader

Political Accomplishments
Formed the first Liberal administration of the Dominion of Canada 1873

Secret Ballot 1874

Founding of Royal Military College 1874

Creation of Supreme Court 1875

Creation of the Office of the Auditor General 1878

Leader of the Opposition 1878 – 1880

And on a personal note: Married 1845, Helen Neil (1826 – 1852)
One daughter (two other children died in infancy)
Re-married 1853, Jane Sym (1825 – 1893)


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